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Hey, I'm Bridget. Happy to know you. 

I'm an actor who's been hailed as "extremely midwestern... in the best way possible." But don't let the freckles fool you - I have a dynamic range that I love to explore within any genre.


Part of why I love this job is because of the never-ending opportunity to learn. Every day I act is a day I get to learn about an entirely new person, time, or point of view. My background in theatre & journalism makes the act of breaking down a character not just enjoyable, but downright juicy to me! That way, my characters become a lot more genuine, human, or as some college film bros might categorize them, "deep."

Jokes aside, my reason is this: I would not be the thinker I am today without the powerful performances I was lucky enough to see. I perform to honor the perspectives and lives we, as just ourselves, could probably never understand otherwise. I seek to earn that understanding for my characters. And I genuinely love it.


When I'm not performing, you can find me writing indie flicks, prepping for my next themed dinner party, or teaching theatre & improv to kids who are arguably funnier than most adults.

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